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Will my counter top have seams?

Determination of seams depends on slab size, slab vein direction, and of course the size of your counter.

Will I see the seams?
Yes, being a natural product, you will see the seam. Although, we are able to
make the seams very tight and fill it in with a colored epoxy as close to the color of the counter as possible. See an example of our seams here.

Do I need to seal my counter top regularly?

We apply an impregnating sealer that lasts at least 10 years. Keep in
mind, 90% of granite is so dense, the sealer we apply doesn't even take to the granite. With that said, sometimes there are some stones that need a little more attention. To know if your stone needs sealer, all you have to do is the 1 minute water test. Spill some water on your counters for about 1 minute or so and then wipe off. If the water left a dark spot on your stone just from sitting there for 1 minute, your stone could use an application of sealer. This is very easy to do yourself or you can hire us to do it.There are some stone products that need more attention than others, we will let you know at the time of your natural stone selection.

Can I put a hot pot on my granite surface?
Yes, being a natural stone, it will not burn the surface. However, we still
recommend using a hot pad. Also, after placing something hot on the granite, DO NOT place something cold at the same place. As with ANY product available for counter surfaces, extreme change in temperature could cause the stone to crack. This is VERY rare but can happen.

Who installs the undermount sinks?
We will install the undermount sink to the granite during installation. All plumbing connections must be arranged by the customer.

Does granite scratch easily?
No, granite is a very durable surface and can withstand normal daily use in your home or business. The only things that can scratch granite easily is another piece of stone, diamond, and carbide.

What about the Radon issue I heard on the news?
Simply put, there are no harmful risks to your health by having natural stone countertops in your home. Please view factual information that we have from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Marble Institue of America (MIA) by clicking on Truth About Granite & Radon.


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